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Many people with hearing loss struggle to communicate effectively with their loved ones. At St. Francis Hearing, we are dedicated to improving your hearing experience with professional hearing care and bespoke technology. 

St Francis Hearing
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Call me NancyCall me Nancy
11:39 21 Jun 24
She is very good and thorough with her assessment, professional and explains well. I'm a very satisfied client. Thank you Tanya🌷
Auriel SpargAuriel Sparg
06:32 20 Jun 24
Diane JeanesDiane Jeanes
16:04 19 Jun 24
Geoff FishGeoff Fish
16:56 05 Jun 24
Tanya is professional,efficient and helpful
Richard DurrantRichard Durrant
03:52 02 May 24
Excellent experience. Tanya is very knowledgeable, helpful and compassionate. I would not hesitate to recommend St Francis Hearing.
Ronlynne BennRonlynne Benn
08:41 05 Feb 24
We have found Tanya very professional but at the same time kind, caring and very patient and considerate… She put my 87 year old Father immediately at ease and made the whole experience very easy and pleasurable…I would definitely recommend her!
Craig AndrewCraig Andrew
05:39 14 Jul 23
Outstanding personalised professional and informed service. Tanya is the very essence of what it means to be a medical professional. She treated the process with the utmost care, concern and sensitivity. I loved my visit and was extremely happy with the forward step-wise strategy that we designed and decided upon together.
Nix LoveNix Love
18:56 07 Feb 23
What a wonderful experience we had with Tanya. My 3 children (9, 6 and 2yrs) AND I (40yrs) have all been tested by her and you couldn’t ask for a more caring and comprehensive audiologist. She put my children at ease with her warm and friendly way, she doesn’t stop till she gets to the bottom of your problem, is well researched and able to provide options and easy to understand explanations for any hearing difficulties. She works with you as a whole person and is a good listener.

Our Professional Services

We offer a complete spectrum of hearing-related services, catering to all aspects of auditory health and balance.


A diagnostic hearing assessment provides important information about the structure and function of every part of the delicate hearing organ.

Basic hearing check

A basic hearing check includes a wax check and a simple hearing test to determine current hearing status.

Hearing Instruments

Bespoke hearing aid solutions are customised and designed in consultation. We explore our selection, evaluate hearing instruments on a trial basis, and implement precise hearing instrument programming with customised real ear verification and percentile analysis. Annual follow-ups, servicing and reprogramming of the hearing instruments allow for optimal settings year after year. All major hearing aid manufacturers are supplied and supported.


Tinnitus information and counselling is provided as part of a standard diagnostic audiological assessment. Should you require further support, we will refer you for further support.

Dizziness and balance screening

Basic vestibular screening can be conducted in office, with referrals for further testing when indicated. Balance, strength and risk for fall is also assessed.

Industrial and hearing protection

We conduct annual hearing assessments and assist with custom hearing protection. We manage the ordering of custom-made swim-plugs, sleep-plugs and hearing protection devices for industrial noise exposure, motorcyclists, musicians and shooting of firearms.

Hearing Protection

We manage the ordering of custom-made swim-plugs, sleep-plugs and hearing protection devices for industrial noise exposure, motorcyclists, musicians and shooting of firearms.

Auditory processing assessment and therapy

Auditory processing assessments can be conducted on children and adults to determine how the brain processes, decodes and organises auditory information. Auditory processing therapy is a 12 week program of auditory training to strengthen these abilities.

About Tanya Hanekom

Meet Tanya Hanekom, a dedicated audiologist with over sixteen years of clinical experience.

About Tanya: Tanya Hanekom is the owner and director of St Francis Hearing, located in the picturesque St Francis Bay. With a passion for helping people overcome hearing challenges, Tanya offers custom solutions tailored to each individual’s needs.

Qualifications: Tanya holds an undergraduate qualification from the University of the Witwatersrand and a Masters degree in Communication Pathology from the University of Pretoria. 

Services: At St Francis Hearing, we offer a range of services to address your hearing needs. From comprehensive assessments to personalized treatment plans, Tanya is committed to improving your quality of life through better hearing.

Visit Us: For more information or to schedule a consultation with Tanya Hanekom, please contact her at +27 84 243 2740.

Discover personalized care and custom solutions for your hearing needs at St Francis Hearing.

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